On the 28th I finished another revision of The Inhabitors and entered the Nicholls Fellowship Competition in order to hit the early deadline and minimize the cost of something I have a low probability of recouping my costs in. The Inhabitors has seen at least three fairly substantial revisions and I am pretty happy with where it’s at. Hopefully it will do well in all of the contests I’ve entered it into, but with this being what I feel is the strongest draft I’m hoping for an especially good showing in the Nicholls this year. At least better than washing out of the first round like I did last year.

Now that The Inhabitors is on the shelf for now, I turned my attention back to my psychological horror spec Peripheral. I’ve been putting it off for a little while because I know it needs a lot of work. Which is exactly why I’m procrastinating right now and writing this blog post instead of working on the revision. I feel like I’m going to have to substantially rewrite large parts of the script and, to be honest, that seems like a lot of work.

The second draft (or draft 1.5 for me – because my first drafts are always more akin to super-detailed outlines than actual drafts) is the worst for me. It’s coming down from the high of finishing that first draft, where you’re still excited by the ideas and the characters and proud that you’ve accomplished something. The second draft is where shit falls apart. In the case of Peripheral I already knew there were some substantial changes I wanted to make near the beginning to add weight to the ending. Things I discovered while I was writing and made a note to change instead of halting my momentum on the initial draft to double back. That was why I took so long at getting back to it.

And when I did – I realized that I made some pretty major errors. I went through my character sheets to re-familiarize myself and realized that as I was writing the script I had, for some reason, gotten away from what I originally wanted these characters to be. This explains why I felt like something was majorly off with the first draft. It’s not always a bad thing to let your characters discover themselves a bit while writing, to let them dictate the story, but I went pretty far off the rails with this one. All that prep I did up front won’t amount to much unless I fix it.

That’s where I am. I’m confident in this story and its characters, I’m just lacking some confidence that I’ll do them justice. But, like myself and bajillions of others before me have said, the only way out is through.

Guess I’ll go work on that revision now…